Generosity Week

Please find below some resources surrounding Generosity Week for you to download, link to, and share.

The document called ‘Social Media content for Generosity Week’ provides a range of social media posts that you are free to use. In this document, you’ll find the words for each post, and the file name (we’ve numbered them to make it easy) for the corresponding image to accompany the post. All of the images can be downloaded from this page.

The short videos can be found below – simply add the relevant link to your post, if you’d like to share on Twitter or Facebook:

  1. Grant's Introduction to the PGS - click here
  2. PGS team on generosity - click here
  3. Thanks to all treasurers - click here
  4. Giving by Direct Debit animation - click here


  1. Generosity Week Flyer 1443kb PNG
  2. Social Media content for Generosity Week 4917kb DOCX
  3. PGS GW 001 852kb PNG
  4. PGS GW 002 631kb PNG
  5. PGS GW 003 1144kb PNG
  6. PGS GW 004 146kb PNG
  7. PGS GW 005 113kb PNG
  8. PGS GW 006 131kb PNG
  9. PGS GW 007 145kb PNG
  10. PGS GW 008 132kb PNG
  11. PGS GW 009 910kb PNG
  12. PGS Direct Debit Animation 4178kb DOCX