How to register a Parish

How to register a Parish

The Parish Giving Scheme is easy to set up and manage. All the Parochial Church Council  (PCC) needs to do is pass a resolution to start the scheme and show leadership by joining and encouraging others to join as well. The Diocese covers the administrative cost, so it is free to churches and the Parish Giving Scheme does all the work. 

Passing a PCC resolution

Under the scheme, gifts will flow to the PCC through the PGS, rather than directly from the giver to the church. It is important that the Trustees of the local church pass and minute a resolution to allow this. This can be as simple as: “We the PCC of ... request the Parish Giving Scheme to commence operation of the scheme on our behalf.”

Registering your church

Your Diocesan Advisor will provide you with a Church Registration Form to provide information about the church / parish bank account and the church officers responsible for parish finances. On receipt of your Church Registration Form, the diocese will send you PGS information to distribute to givers.

Giving Review or Giving Programme

It is strongly recommended that you run a giving review or programme to take advantage of the opportunity to discuss giving and introduce the PGS as a preferred method of giving. Remember, the PGS is a good mechanical tool to help your church to process incoming gifts and administer Gift Aid, but it is not a motivational tool to elicit more giving.

A giving review or programme helps to share the vision for the church in your area and is key to engaging and exciting givers to be generous. Your diocesan representative can help you to plan how best to do this and make the most of the opportunity that joining PGS provides.