The Parish Giving Scheme (PGS) is a multi-diocesan approach to serving parishes with a professional donation-management and Gift Aid reclaim service.

It automatically adds the Gift Aid uplift (if appropriate), then remits the gross amount to the local church. Uniquely, it has the capability to automatically increase the donation by inflation each year, if the donor agrees.

It also reduces the burden of work on parish volunteers and provides a professional service to its donors.

The introduction of the Parish Giving Scheme provides a one-off opportunity to make a step-change in giving across a diocese, so it is vital that when a diocese launches the scheme, they support parishes in migrating to it.

About PGS

The Parish Giving Scheme (PGS) was originally developed by the Diocese of Gloucester in 2009 and became a separate charitable organisation in 2014 when Winchester, Chichester and Exeter joined the Scheme. The Joint Venture (JV) Company is co-owned by participating dioceses, who become members of the company. The JV Company is run by a Trustee Board elected by the members.

The undergirding principle is that the costs of the Scheme will be met by an annual contribution from dioceses on a cost-sharing basis.

More than 70% of dioceses have now signed up to the Scheme. It processes annual donations in excess of £40m, from more than 50,000 donors, and claims c. £10m each year in Gift Aid.

How to join PGS

The Parish Giving Scheme is recommended by the National Church, and is the preferred way of receiving planned giving at a parish level.

If your Diocese is interested in joining the Scheme, please contact Helen Richardson, Chief Executive Officer, on 0333 002 1260 or email Helen.