Diocesan PGS Advisors

Diocesan PGS Advisors

Diocesan PGS Advisors are there to support your parish as it plans and prepares to launch PGS.  For further information, guidance and resources please contact:

Bath & Wells Diocese: Kate Mayo and Natalie Wainwright

Birmingham Diocese: Lucy Pinnock

Blackburn Diocese: Stephanie Rankin and Christy Sawyer

Bristol Diocese: James Morrey and Tara Nelson

Canterbury Diocese: Finance Team

Carlisle Diocese: John Thompson

  • Email: John
  • Tel: 01768 807761

Chelmsford Diocese: Beccy Hills and Michelle Cottis

Chichester Diocese: Sarah Rogers

Coventry Diocese: The Finance Team

Derby Diocese: Steve Johnson

  • Email: Steve
  • Tel:01332 278151

Durham Diocese: Paul Child

  • Email: Paul
  • Tel:07501 933838

Ely Diocese: Martin Kenward or Theresa Chivers

Exeter Diocese: Alison Solano, Philip Whitlock or Brigit Kiyaga

Gloucester Diocese: Finance Team

Guildford Diocese: David Senior 

Hereford Diocese: Rosa Speyer or Mark Simmons

Leeds Diocese: Janet Edmond or Beth Vickers

  • Email: Janet or Beth
  • Tel: 07376 525684 or 07512 712292

Leicester Diocese: Ariel Baker

Lincoln Diocese: Hugo Cobham or Andy Wright

  • Email: Hugo or Andy
  • Tel: 07495 315402 or 07701 364464

Liverpool Diocese: Lucia Miller 

  • Email: Lucia
  • Tel: 01517 052138

London Diocese:

  • Mary Spredbury (for Kensington) 020 7932 1245
  • Martin Hornbuckle (for Stepney) 020 3837 5018
  • Julie Churchyard (for Edmonton) 020 3837 5015
  • Dawn Baker (for Willesden) 020 3837 5029
  • Jagoda Keshani (for Two Cities) 020 3837 5111
  • Email: Mary or Martin or Julie or Dawn or Jagoda

Newcastle Diocese: Joanne Christie or Leanne Conway-Wilcox

Norwich Diocese: Robert Culyer, Colin Tomlin, Naomi Rizk

  • Email: Robert                 Colin                    Naomi
  • Tel: 01603 882326     01603 882323    01603 882358 

Oxford Diocese: Joshua Townson or Administrator

Peterborough Diocese: Paul Adams, Pete Squires or Nuala Salter

Portsmouth Diocese: Chris Parker

  • Email: Chris
  • Tel: 023 9289 9669

Rochester Diocese: Liz Mullins

  • Email: Liz
  • Tel: 01634 560000

Salisbury Diocese: Anna Hardy

Sheffield Diocese: Libby Culmer or Luke Bunting

Southwark Diocese: Gabby Parikh, Hannah Starkins or Gemma Curran

Southwell & Nottingham Diocese: Anne Coyne or Tony Brown

St Albans Diocese: Kate Ford 

  • Email: Kate
  • Tel: 01727 818141

St Edmundsbury and Ipswich Diocese: Julie Podd 

  • Email: Julie 
  • Tel: 07826 556186

Truro Diocese: Daniel Mantell-Roberts, Jenny Wreford, Christine Salaman

Winchester Diocese: Jordan Shepherd or Georgi Thompson-Leask

Worcester Diocese: Chris Boden or Robyn Rooney

York Diocese: Phil Mcbride

  • Email: Phil
  • Tel: 07803 747542