What are the benefits

  • The scheme is delivered locally (parish) but administered centrally, thus reducing the administrative burden on parishes.
  • All parishes whose Diocese have signed up to the scheme can participate, and it suits regular and fringe donors. The degree of impact is linked with the quality of local execution, and being launched alongside a giving review.
  • Regularly increasing giving through the majority of donors opting for index-linking.
  • Anonymity for donors, if required.
  • Direct Debit offers greater flexibility with regards to managing giving; increases and decreases can be made easily.
  • Increased cash flow through faster recovery of Gift Aid
  • Central system ensuring that Gift Aid is processed accurately.
  • Professional, tried and tested materials for donors, and for parish treasurers. Monthly, Annual and Tax year statements are sent to each Parish.

The PGS is complementary to any stewardship programme both at the point it is introduced and in subsequent years.
By offering this scheme in a parish and through donors' generous commitments, churches can be assured of a regular, tax efficient source of income which has the capacity to increase with the cost of living, yet involves virtually no administration. With the help of the Parish Giving Scheme (PGS), donors benefit from a system that is secure, confidential and easy to use, while supporting the Church today and for the future.


The PGS applies the most recently published January RPI on the anniversary of donations through the PGS. (the agreed date of the fixed annual inflationary increase amount) The current RPI being used is 2.7%.