Why give through the PGS?

Why give through the PGS

The team at PGS make it safe and easy for you to give and just as safe and easy for your church to receive, easing the administration burden for treasurers and church volunteers.

Because we process regular gifts and Gift Aid on your church’s behalf, every pound you give can be put to Christian service in your community, free from time-consuming administration.

What are the benefits of the scheme?

As a giver, you will benefit from a system that is secure, confidential and easy to use, while supporting your church today and for the future.

This includes the capacity to increase your giving by the cost of living each year, if you choose. Through your generous commitment, your church can be assured of a regular source of income.

Why is the inflationary increase important?

One of the biggest problems faced by local churches is that of ‘static giving’. If giving levels had kept track with inflation since the year 2000, they would have increased by more than 50%!

A unique feature of the scheme is the option for you, as a giver, to commit in principle to increase your gift annually in line with inflation. While this is a voluntary decision, it is one that could potentially have a huge impact on the life and future of your church. You can change this commitment at any time, either by using your personal log-in on this website, or simply by contacting the PGS team.