Setting up your gift

Setting up your regular giving

By phone:

When you are ready to set up a new regular gift, you will need to have your personal bank account details, church/parish name and PGS parish code to hand (available from the PGS representative for your parish).

Then simply give us a call on 0333 002 1271, Monday to Friday, 9am - 5pm, and we will take down all the information we need to complete your Direct Debit instruction for you. We will also ask about your preferences for opting in to Gift Aid, if you are eligible, and whether you would like to increase your gift annually by the rate of inflation.

The call usually takes about 10 minutes to complete. We will then send you a confirmation of your new gift by post or email.


The process starts on the unique page for the church you’d like to give to. Your church may have given you a QR code or URL link to take you straight to their page. Alternatively, you can use the ‘Find your parish’ search tool and type in the name of your church, parish and location. Click on your chosen church and you’ll be able to cross-check that it’s the right place, using the map, address details and description on that page.

When you arrive on the page for your chosen church, you simply click on the Give now button and follow the instructions on screen to set up your regular gift.

First, you’ll be asked to set up and activate a website account with us so that you can log-in securely.

Next, you’ll be guided through a simple form to provide your personal bank details, the value and frequency of your gift, the option to add Gift Aid, you can choose to increase your gift annually by the rate of inflation and decide whether you would prefer to give anonymously.

It only takes a few minutes to complete these steps online. Then, you’ll be able to log-in at any time to review your giving and personal details.