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St. Laurence's Church: Stroud Centre for Peace and the Arts is an inclusive spiritual space on Stroud's foundational site - A church for everyone in the heart of Stroud.

We are seeking peace in ourselves and the world through faith, the arts, ecology and justice.

Peace (shalom): Making peace, in its widest sense, is at the heart of the mission of St. Laurence's. There are deep roots in the all-encompassing ancient Hebrew concept of shalom (wholeness, including justice and ecological flourishing) and in the teaching and purpose of Jesus, and there is openness to find peace at the heart of other faiths.

Faith: St Laurence's Church is, and will remain, a Christian place of worship, yet one where people of all faiths and none should feel welcome.

The Arts: The arts can provide moments of wonder and glimpses of shalom, and St Laurence's mission seeks to enable these to the greatest extent possible.

Ecology: Ecology is a way of understanding and appreciating the interconnectedness of all life, including humanity. Judaeo-Christian and other faiths recognise the flourishing of the natural world as fundamental to human flourishing and an aspect of peace.

Justice: There can be no peace without justice, and indeed justice is an aspect of shalom. In the Gospels, Jesus speaks of "the Kingdom of God", a vision of a world in which oppression and discrimination are overturned and all people can experience their equality before God and life in all its fullness.

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St Laurence - The Church in the Centre of Town

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Gloucester Diocese


The Shambles


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