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Labels aren't always very helpful, but they can sometimes provide a quick thumbnail sketch. So… Holy Apostles is an informal, Bible based, Jesus centred, parish church community. We believe that the Holy Spirit is an active presence in our lives, transforming us, empowering us, and working for the good of all people.

We strive to be a genuinely welcoming and family friendly church, accepting people for who they are and where they are at. Worshipping God together is, of course, central to what we do, but we also aspire to support and encourage each other in our spiritual lives as we share God's love with our communities, living out our faith seven days a week.

The church family is made up of people of all ages from across Cheltenham and the surrounding area. We are a mix of folk, from those who have been Christians for decades, to others who are just testing the waters of faith.

The leadership of Holy Apostles affirms the truths contained in the historic creeds of the Christian faith. We regard these as our core beliefs, but we have members of the church that don't hold to all, or any of those beliefs, and that's OK. We are all on a journey

Beyond those core beliefs we know there's a breadth of legitimate opinions, and lived out expressions of the Christian faith. On these "secondary" issues we aim to be honest, open and respectful of each other in our different understandings, and we're committed, as individuals and as a community, to continually be wrestling with scripture, listening to those who disagree with us, and holding our views with humility.

The vicar isn't always right :).

Parish name

Holy Apostles Cheltenham

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Gloucester Diocese


London Road
Charlton Kings
GL52 6HW


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