Your gift - Through regular donations, your generosity enriches the life of your church in your community.

The Parish Giving Scheme is in place to support this ministry of giving, safely and simply.

Gifts made through this scheme use a Direct Debit. With your permission, we are able to reclaim the Gift Aid for your church. It is also easy to protect your donation from inflation if you choose; we will calculate the difference and notify you each year in advance, to ask if you are happy to increase your gift by the cost of living.

There are three easy and secure ways to donate to your church through the Parish Giving Scheme. You can set up your Direct Debit online, fill in a gift form at church, or call us and we will take you through it, step by step.

Please see the short video below for more information about the Scheme and to find out how you can support your church through the PGS here.