About us


Welcome to the Parish Giving Scheme (PGS). We are an independent charity with a mission to enhance the generosity that enriches the life of the Church and its ministry in each community.

Our goal is to ease the administrative burden for churches, while empowering all generations to give with confidence and to feel valued.

We operate a secure and effective service for managing Direct Debit gifts from individuals to their churches. The scheme has been adopted by the majority of dioceses in the Church of England and many of their parishes, and take-up continues to grow each year.

The PGS is an easy and trusted method for making a regular gifts to your church

Our origins

While today the Parish Giving Scheme manages the gifts of 55,000 gifts to more than 3,100 churches, across 30+ dioceses, the origins of the scheme began on a very small scale in the Diocese of Gloucester in 2008.

Designed to fund the mission and ministry of Gloucester parishes, while addressing the challenges of unpredictable giving and burdensome administration, the idea of the Parish Giving Scheme was conceived by the local team as a grassroots innovative solution. It worked!

The interest shown by colleagues from other dioceses began to grow, and it became clear that the PGS was a model that could support the Church of England in its local ministry, much more widely.

As interest continued and the benefits for local churches only strengthened, the Parish Giving Scheme was formally established as an independent charity in 2014 when Winchester, Chichester and Exeter joined the scheme.

Since then, within the legal framework of a Joint Venture (JV) Company co-owned by participating dioceses, the PGS has continued to develop under the leadership of an active and committed Board of Trustees, elected by the members, serving givers and churches in a shared ministry of giving.